About Hope      

     Donald R. Parish, Sr. is the Senior Pastor at True Lee Missionary Baptist Church, one of the oldest longstanding establishments in the South Dallas Fair Park area.

     It was founded in January 10, 1910. Pastor Parish has been in position for over 24 years & hosted camp for the past nine years. At the beginning of his pasturage he drove around the area searching for solutions and looking for ways to revitalize the area. He realized that residents in the area had lost hope, thereby his vision and goal became the framework for creating a nonprofit arm of the Church.

     Hope Restoration, Inc. was established and incorporated in 1996 as a 501(c) 3 community based organization to serve the South Dallas Fair Park area. The mission is to restore hope in the lives of the residents of the South Dallas Fair Park community by providing services and working in collaboration with community partners to meet their needs and help them reach their full potential.    

     We envision our community, the South Dallas-Fair Park area, as a viable and thriving place where individuals and families can achieve their full potential.

      We are motivated by the overwhelming need in our community and the fundamental Christian principle of assisting those in need. We are dedicated to maintaining a high degree of integrity and credibility in the community by providing high quality services and facilities.

      Our location is one of the poorest zip codes in Dallas. The unemployment rate is higher, crime somewhat higher, educational attainment low, more single heads of households, high percentage of senior citizens, more at risk youth and formerly incarcerated men and women are in this area.

      We have developed programs to address the needs in the community. We have hosted a job fair, began a summer academic-enrichment camp for the past seven years, host bi-monthly meetings for senior citizens, work with local neighborhood association and police to reduce crime for over 20 years, collaborated with other non-profits and social service agencies to assist residents including the formerly incarcerated, started a food distribution program with plans to expand it and we have a very active youth ministry that reaches out to the community on a regular basis.

      We have fed the homeless and still collaborate today with organizations that feed the homeless. We provide employment assistance service for anyone who requests it.

     Our goal is to continue to support the senior citizens and grow the Summer of Hope Camp. We need funds to purchase a curriculum and provide quality teachers and artists for the camp. Additionally, our goal is to acquire funds to build a community center where we can accommodate all the programs, comfortably.

We will start the tutoring program in the Spring of 2017.