Mission and Vision Statement

Goals- to seek funding to build a community center
Create more businesses to provide jobs for the residents to include
the formerly incarcerated,
we have created a Catering business and a Security business.
Hope Restoration’s 2016 Goals

1. Education
After school tutoring

Vacation Bible School

Summer Camp

2. Jobs
Finding Jobs for Felons

Listing Job Opportunities for all
3. Voluntarism
Volunteer to Help Others

Inspire Others to Volunteer


We envision our community, the South Dallas-Fair Park Area, as a viable and thriving place where individuals and families are able to achieve their full potential.


 Our Mission is to restore hope in the lives of the residents of the South Dallas-Fair Park community by providing services and working in collaboration with community partners to meet their needs and help them to achieve their full potential.


  We are motivated by the overwhelming need in our community and the fundamental Christian principle of assisting those in need. We are dedicated to maintaining a high degree of integrity and credibility in the community by providing high quality services and facilities.