Hope Restoration Programs


Anger Management

Six to Eight Week Program for youth ages 6-9 to learn how to deal with anger.
This program can be designed for teens and adults.


True Love Waits Curriculum designed to teach teens that sex is sanctioned with marriage.
There is a ceremony at the end of this eight-week course of study to make a covenant to remain celibate until marriage.

Rites of Passage- (Boys to men)
This 13 week program is designed to teach boys ages 9-18 how to become productive young men in society. Currently this is a bi monthly program conducted by two male educators.

Currently this program is designed for youth ages 7 to ? to enhance their reading, math and test taking skills. This program takes place on a bi monthly basis but can be expanded to weekly with more resources.

The mission of this program is to pair adults with at risk youth to help guide and direct them through the perils of life, using the adult as the role model.

For Sisters Only

Annual overnight workshop to teach girls ages 7-21 on a variety of topics. Some of the instruction relates to domestic violence, proper hygiene, how to apply and use make-up, how to dress for success, motivation to live respectful lives.

Field Trips/Camps
Transportation is provided to youth of all ages to visit the African American Museum, The Science Place, The Dallas Aquarium, The Arboretum, The State Fair of Texas, Six Flags over Texas, Texas Ranger Baseball games, Dallas Mavericks games, Dallas Cowboy games, etc. (Note: Some of these youth would never have the opportunity to visit these places if it were not for organizations like Hope Restoration.)
Several camps with leadership as an emphasis are also available for youth of all ages locally, in and out of state

Several times throughout the year the youth are trained for parts in plays, to sing, and to dance.

This is a youth run program from the stage set up to the puppets’ presentation.. Demonstrations are performed by youth for youth in the community to promote being drug free, self-esteem, anti-gang activity, Christian values, etc. They perform on demand.


Marriage & Family Counseling
This counseling is conducted upon request. The key to a better society is a strong marriage and family.

Marriage Seminars
Seminars are currently conducted annually for married couples to learn how to effectively communicate and keep intimacy in the marriage.

Grief Counseling/Seminar
This program is designed to help people recover from the loss of a loved one and to help them return to a normal state of life.

Prison Ministry
This program has several components ranging from quarterly visits to inmates in the local jail and annual visits to Beto One Unit in Tennessee Colony. Donations are secured annually to provide toiletries for the inmates during the visit. At Christmas over 1,000 bags are decorated by volunteers, then stuffed with fruit, candy and toiletries for the inmates. This group also collaborates with the Prison Coalition Ministries with referrals to the halfway houses and everything mentioned above.

Senior Citizens
Bi monthly meeting for seniors in the community are held to discuss issues as it relates to Senior Citizens. A hot meal is also prepared for this group, as many of them do not consistently get hot meals. Specialists from several agencies are invited to introduce and inform the seniors about various programs. Field trips are made to the sports arenas, plays, the arboretum, etc.

This program is currently a weekly program that not only provides food, but clothing, toiletries, coats, and blankets to the homeless. Committed young men lead this effort.

Health Conferences
Many of the health conferences are held in collaboration with the American Cancer Society, The American Heart Association, The Diabetes foundation, Methodist Hospital Prostrate program, the glaucoma foundation, the for early detection and prevention messages. Conduct annual drives for the organ donor foundation and

Domestic Violence

This is collaborated with the Family Place for awareness programs as it relates to educating the public about domestic violence